Why Us (Our Distinction)

We are repeatedly what we do. Excellence, then, is not an act. It’s a habit. Aristotle

Our Distinction

Best Practices

To ensure that each and every client receives exemplary care, we’ve established the following Best Practice Policies. These consist of daily service commitments that define our culture and dedication to our clients.

  • Communication – Goodnight Policy

    Each phone call and email will be returned the day in which it is received, even if it requires a team member to stay late into the evening hours.

  • Personalization – Two Ring Policy

    Clients, along with the investment community, should expect to receive a live person attending to their call within two phone rings.

  • Organization – No Pile Policy

    No client deserves to be at the bottom of a pile; piles are an excuse to neglect service commitments. Each team member will commit to never placing a task at the bottom of a pile. Each task will be attended to while it is on the desk, then filed using our systems and automation.

  • Consideration – No Back Burning Policy

    KIG is an organization that is committed to always doing what we say we will do. There is no back burner. Client issues and concerns will always remain front and center, and never forgotten.

  • Problem-Solving – No Problem Policy

    Our clients should be confident in contacting our office with their problems. We own the problem until a resolution is presented.

  • Accountability – Never Discount Policy

    We NEVER discount the fact that we are responsible for managing our investors’ life savings. It is a responsibility we do not take for granted, and for which we hold ourselves accountable.

Our Six Core Beliefs

KIG is driven by six foundational beliefs that drive our business and actions:

  • We understand that a client’s trust is something we continually earn, and will never be taken for granted
  • Meeting client expectations builds trust; exceeding client expectations builds loyalty
  • We must continually reach higher in our quest for knowledge and professional designations, and never stop becoming qualified to manage and service our investor’s life savings
  • We understand our roles in listening to each client and clearly communicating solutions
  • We understand the significance of always maintaining a professional image and standard in both the office and the community we serve
  • We feel each client should feel confident contacting our office with a problem. A KIG Professional will always own the problem, regardless of its nature, until a solution is provided

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